Taris Studios was founded by Craig Dodge, an award-winning, classically trained film, television, and video game composer, and audio designer. 

As a film and television composer, his music is heard in over 140 films and television shows airing daily in over 120 countries worldwide. He has also composed music for more than 45 video games and was the lead audio designer for the projects. 

One of Craig’s greatest strengths is his ability to write in a variety of musical styles and genres, and he works closely with all of his clients to determine the exact musical needs for their respective projects. 

A dedicated music educator and guest speaker, Craig is launching a new online subscription-based service for musicians and song writers in all genres, IGNITE! Find out how to generate more revenue from your music here. 

He has helped thousands of musicians, bands, artists, songwriters, and managers all over the world create multiple revenue streams and earn more money with their music over the past 10 years. 

That is why he developed IGNITE – to share his approach and the tools he  uses.  

Craig has a degree in music from the University of Prince Edward Island, and a Specialist Certificate in composing for film, television and video games from Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. His company, Taris Studios Inc., located in Prince Edward Island, Canada, provides music and audio design for the video game and app development industries. 

He has worked for distinguished companies such as National Geographic, A&E 
Television, History Television, BBC, Barclay’s Premier League, New York Knicks/MSG 
Basketball, National Football League, National Hockey League, CTV/Bell Media, Fox, 
NBC, CNN, Six Flags, MTV, KAO/Jergens Skin Care Products, Discovery Channel, and 

Read what students and clients say about Craig here.

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